Privacy Policy:

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Greetings to  At The Custom Shop, we value the privacy of our visitors and consumers. We do our best to safeguard your personal information. To know more about our Privacy Policy, read below.

In This Privacy Policy, we clarify that how do we gather, utilize and reveal your personal details. In the Privacy Policy, we also define that through which steps we protect your details. When you visit our site via third party or directly, you agree to the terms mentioned in this privacy policy.

When it comes to the privacy policy, it is all about believing that how do we take care of your personal details and how do we secure it. The company has its policy of gathering the details when there are the requirements and when we need it because of your orders.

The information is kept by the company for the period we need it and as long as it is required for the purpose.

When any visitor visits the site, we do not collect any information about him/her. We are only able to know about the visitors when they log in to the website.

1-      Data Collection:

When you place any order with us, we have to gather your personal information.

The personal information is merely gathered when you are purchasing anything from us, or when you return. The personal details are composed of your name, address, phone number, mailing address(if changed), email address, payment details, date of birth, gender, bank details, payment details, etc.

Personal Detail usage

The Custom Shop uses your personal information for the market research and for the surveys. The information will be kept unidentified. The personal information of the consumers will only be disclosed when you will become part of any competition.

We send you the latest promotions, newsletters and other promotional content on an email. If you wish not to receive them, just opt out of the option.

Third Parties

We bypass your details in the case when we have to deliver your order through a third party, when they have to collect money or when they need it for the fraud and risk protection.

2-      Cookies:

The cookies are only enabled and used for gathering the information to remember about your details and about who you are. We do not collect the information more than we required neither we pass it.

3-       Security:

The Custom Shop takes all the measures to protect the personal information of the clients. We have the well defined and extremely vigilant security system on our website to prevent any unlawful access or activity.

4-      Consumer Rights:

Consumers have this right to ask us if they want us to correct access or remove any of their details from our system. They can also inform us if they do not want us to use their personal information for promotional activities.